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Retreats & Events

 I am so delighted and over the moon to bring to you these magical retreats and events full of love, light and the most wonderful experiences.

Image by Jake Weirick

Under a canopy of stars or a beautiful wildflower meadow ... 

Snuggle up under a canopy if stars or nestle down in a private yurt while I guide you through a beautiful, unique meditation, an experience you will never forget.

This will help free your mind, rebalance your body and give you the space you need to recharge in the most relaxing setting.


Get intentional about your mental well being. By allowing your mind to release and 'be' for this time is so beneficial for your overall health.

Meditation is the key to so many beautiful experiences. Just for yourself for some peace and space, or the bridge to something else. What you choose is up to you.

Meditate at the beach
Holding Hands

Gentle Release 

Within this retreat or event of complete relaxation we will also be incorporating some gentle release and self healing. This will enable your body and mind to align and help to rebalance you at a deeper level, giving you a better result from the evening with lasting effects and techniques you can use in your day to day life. 

Depending on who desires to participate within the event and their experience with healing, I can facilitate deeper and more profound events dedicated to soul, invoking breathtaking and experience that will never be forgotten.

Available to all

I design, create and facilitate these based around a central theme. It is an absolute joy to create these and this work is incredibly sacred.

They can be as simple as you like or extravagant as you like. From just meditation to healing and energy release work, deep cellular healing, goddess empowerment and ascension or anchored in ritual. They can be half a day or simply an hour, include gifts and cacao ceremonies, aftercare and embodiment guidance too.

These experiences are simply and unapologetically unique. 

These amazing experiences are arranged for groups, corporate events and retreat based events

I can't wait to share an incredibly moving experience with you.

Simply get in touch below and we can co - create an event together!

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How do I arrange this with you?

Simply fill in the contact form below to arrange your unique event...

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