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LUMINOUS SOUL! Welcome to ‘Soul Fire’, the podcast that sparks the flames of profound exploration, igniting your spirit with discussions that delve into expanded conversations, heightened energetics, and the timeless questions that stir the depths of our souls and change daily trajectory. Expect healings, activations, new concepts, quick fire spiritual mentorship, education plus tips and techniques channeled for YOU.

Join your host, Laura J Barker, on a captivating journey where we transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. ‘Soul Fire’ invites you to explore the mystical, the metaphysical, and the uncharted territories of the human experience.

In each episode, we venture into the realms of ancient wisdom and modern insights, engaging in thought-provoking dialogues with spiritual visionaries, enlightened souls, and experts who illuminate the path to self-discovery and personal transformation.

Whether you're a seasoned seeker or a curious soul, ‘Soul Fire’ is your sanctuary for those hungry for deeper meaning and connection. Tune in to open your mind, stoke the flames of your inner fire, and let the wisdom of the universe guide you on this shared journey toward enlightenment.

Embark on a quest for higher understanding with ‘Soul Fire’ because, in the dance of the cosmos, the most profound revelations emerge from the questions we dare to explore. Subscribe now and let your soul's fire blaze brightly as we traverse the realms of expanded consciousness together. The adventure begins here!

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