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- S o u l -

The Mini Membership

Soul Discovery, Exploration, Embodiment and Evolution

Oh my Souuuul!

Possibly the most important membership for you to ever be in...

Where do we go after we die?

What happens to the soul inbetween lives?

How do we choose our next life?

Why am I here?

How do I move onto the stage in my life?

Where do I come from?

Is my partner my soulmate?

Where does my soul live?

What is the difference between my soul and my spirit?

How does this all apply to me?

What am I here to do?


Everything comes back to our Soul's evolution. Everything.

Soul Plain A4.jpg

My purpose and my passion, is helping you and bringing a new level of awareness to this

thing called life. 


Oh my word I am so glad you have landed on this page.

I have some serious magic to share with you...

If you are a hard core spiritual explorer, seeker, mystic, lightworker, starseed (insert your own similar title here) like me, who always seems to be asking why, when, where how and leaning into the wonder that follows to life's most interesting theories, mystical topics, you are going to LOVE this.

I have facilitated and served hundreds of wonderful people who have been stuck, lost and completely out of touch with life. 

Through these years, I have discovered one thing in common, there was a soul hiccup. A moment where the human experience we are having, has slipped out of alignment with the soul.


Through psychic and intuitive channeling, years of reading, research and a commitment to my passion, I have discovered much more to share about the soul. Where it comes from, where it exists, how it interacts with other souls, how it expresses itself in our own lives and others. How it can get entangled, damaged, even broken. Not only this but diving into how we select our incarnation here on earth, why and who is involved and why it is so important to help people understand this and how it affects their life.


There is so much to share with you. So, SO much.


Not only this, but as my specialty as an educator, healer and life coach lies within Soul level healing.

Empowerment for YOU.

Here's the thing...


I know and you know,

fear resides in nooks and crannies of our brains.


It stops us from taking a leap into something wonderful. 


SO MANY TIMES I wanted to invest deeper into this journey.

I was ready to do the work. 

I was creating time. But there wasn't anything at that moment I could reach out to financially.


This led me to wasting so much time, and ultimately getting frustrated, second guessing and chasing my tail. Round and around and around. 


I wanted to create a space that was PACKED full of magic. 

Full of value and wonder, deeper learning and meaning.

At a smaller investment than my one-to-one coaching.


Something that could be held SO close to peoples hearts.

A way forward to help me serve more people and on a larger scale.

A way for me to showcase my unique purpose and for me to empower others with theirs.

A way for people to lean in, before they go forward. 

With a price tag that is an absolute NO brainer.

With ongoing support, love, fun and community set in a relaxed energy.



So I broke it down into 4 easy parts, just like the structure I use for my profound transformational work facilitate in my other containers and packages.

4 Simple phases to move through with love, support and intention

For your complete

// Soul Discovery, Exploration, Embodiment and Evolution //

soul mock up laptop.png


// S o u l //

The Mini Membership by LJB

What do you get?

Let's look at what's included!

Soul Plain A4.jpg
Soul Plain A4.jpg

All of this for

Per month
Cancel anytime


That's like, two/ three coffee's

a month!

Incredible, incredible value.

But wait, there is more...

On top of all that...

Join me bi-monthly for an evening of LIVE soul connection, ceremonies, workshops, soul exploration , evolution, healing & expansion. 


Bi-monthly Mini Masterclasses to expand your personal growth, designed to empower you beyond your current reality...


All for just

£9 per month...


Plus, you can cancel anytime...

No questions asked!

Soul Plain A4_edited.png

So what is everyone saying so far?

Take a look!

So, want your instant access now?

I'll see you on the inside!

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