About LJB

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Hi and a HUGE friendly welcome to you! I am a very happy, grateful wife & mum of two, residing in the beautiful South of England. I began my spiritual appreciation from a young age growing up with my Dad who is a platform medium. I have always been in the environment of spirituality and by default, absorbed much of my Dad’s work and teachings. I have always known that there would be a calling for me when the time was right and that I was going to be helping people in the future, how... I had no idea, but I felt that I would 'know' when the time was right. The time certainly came, an awakening happened FAST!

I now help others using energy from divine source to transform emotional, physical, energetic, genetic and historic issues, with a pinch of love and sprinkling of fun along the way.

What I absolutely love about my work, is that there are no limits. Everything can be investigated and transformed as we are all energy. I am continually learning and evolving, as is my work, person by person and case by case. I love the connection with others and am most definitely a people person! Helping, healing, supporting, soothing, transforming and laughing with clients fulfils every part of my being.


My ultimate superpower is teaching people how to feel light, free and bloody FANTASTIC. Bringing them back to ultimate joy evoking the alignment of their life and soul.


Watching people grow and evolve is so incredibly special and I am honoured to be able to do this work. I have progressed from being a practitioner into an educator in two three life changing modalitites as I have seen so many phenomenal shifts from clients I was compelled to train others in groundbreaking new modalities and to be a part of a larger ripple effect. Awakening and aligning people into their passion and purpose with love and light.


My first priority is to help you achieve your ideal life goal, be it short or long term. I will use my intuition to find the most suitable transformational modality for you. Every soul is different and needs a different technique from the next, therefore I treat each client individually. 

I am openhearted, authentic, honest and considerate. Together we will find the right path for the best result. This may not always be the easiest or the prettiest! You are however, prepared for change as you have taken the first step, you are here and I am so happy you are.

Philosophy of Recovery

Bringing substantial change into your life will require effort so be prepared to face some challenges.

We will be working hard consciously clearing energy from the past that is surfacing to be let go, which will allow you to grow and evolve. This can be emotional and challenging but along with these challenges come the most enlightening releases and transformations. Your journey will reveal the skills and inner power you have always had to manage further change in the future. 

Big challenges = big changes. Exciting!

Commitment to Clients

I am fully committed to your needs and will support you continually. However, my role is to move you forward to grow and achieve your life goal. This means honesty and bravery are needed for your growth. This commitment to work on yourself comes from within and carries on after our sessions for you to continually use in your daily life. 

Some beliefs, physical ailments and trauma can take more than one session to clear. For this, I have packages available so there are options for all, along with some VIP options to really quantum leap your life and bring forth what you desire.

Anything discussed is strictly private and confidential.