These VIP Packages are designed to take you on a meaningful, soulful jouney. Each one has a framework designed to target an area that we will then tailor to your specific needs. Each VIP package has beautiful gifts, handpicked for the individual to aid you in your transformation, making it a more beautiful, memorable & unique experience.

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Single sessions available priced at £111  (approx 1 - 1.5 hours)

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Signature Package


Awaken your spirit, align your life


6 months to mastery.

Do you feel you are meant for more but are not sure how or why?


Do people gravitate to you to seek help and advise?


Do you feel as though you are waiting for your purpose to be whispered to you?


Do you want to know more about spirituality but feel that there is just too much to go through?


Do you already know that you have started awakening but have no-one to help support you and guide you through it, to answer the many questions you have?


Have you always known, that at some point you will be moving into a more spiritual way of living and serving others?


This was me.


I had hit a point in my life where I knew that I was here to do more and had to look deeper within to find my purpose. 

My kids were growing, and I wasn't.

With very little help I threw myself into courses, programmes and events, blindly seeking, searching for the answer. 

The courses were amazing, but I had no-one to help me DEVELOP. No-one to show me, work with me.

When each course finished, I was still searching. 

I wished that I had a course that gave me a sample of many different healing/spiritual modalities that I could try and see which one I really enjoyed so I could pursue one or two further, to help me move on with something. 

But still, I searched. Through this searching realised I was being lead.

I leant into trust, which I had to learn alone.

I followed the breadcrumbs.

I invested thousands and thousands to learn. 

I healed,

I embodied,  

I grew,

I awakened,

I aligned.


Then I knew I had to be able to offer this. 

I had to create a way for people like me, to experience what I experienced without the constant searching, doubting, self sabotage

and worry.

To enable people to heal, embody, grow, awaken and align with fun, love and support of someone that understands.


I have fine tuned this amazing package to bring you the very thing that I needed.


I invite you to take look at this 12 week programme that will personally guide you through the foundations of spirituality, sampling and experiencing many different techniques to help you awaken, align and understand yourself more, unlocking your purpose.

At the end of this course you will certify

in Quatham Holographic Echo Healing® & Activation Method™ as a practitioner so you can touch the lives of everyone around you.


Imagine your life 12 weeks from now...

Being certified in three groundbreaking self growth, healing and manifesting modalities enabling you to confidently start a career helping others

like you always knew you would.

Having personally sampled over 6 healing modalities and receiving the healing from them leaving you

 feeling balanced and at peace from old events keeping you stuck!

Having a personal spiritual mentor to guide you through your awakening.

This gives you someone to not only share this experience with, but someone who will be there to hold your hand when it gets tough, and show you just what you are capable of!

Unblocking, clearing and healing from limiting beliefs you are carrying in your energy, elevating you into the next version you are being called to be.

Understanding who you are and your purpose.

This will provide you the certainty you have always desired and searched for.


Knowing that you are continuously supported by myself and the higher realms.

Confidently helping the people that come to you knowing that you have helped them heal not only their problem, but their 4 energy

bodies to bring about lasting change for them and the loved ones around them.

Stepping into a career that is lead from passion, purpose and love like you have never felt before.

There is no better feeling than knowing and WITNESSING

your client change their life from something you have shown them.

Not only all that, but KNOWING you are here and on the right path. No more why's and what if's.

Experiencing magical and moving experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life as each session will be completely

tailored to you and your own interests and abilities.

In between each session are support tools to keep your momentum high such as:


So you can listen on demand or on the go!

Let's keep your vibe high!


Inline with what you are learning to practice at home and further your development. You will be amazed at how powerful these are. Some will upgrade

your DNA at a cellular level, increasing your spiritual gifts exponentially.


For you to work through and bring your learnings to life and document your unique journey!

Plus other fun and inspired ways to help you learn, cultivate and manifest!

Then, when you look back at who you were and who you are after this package and seeing the compound effect of all healing, evolving and alignment of your work and how it has impacted not only your life, but the lives of those around you. 


You will RISE.


6 months

3 x 1-1 Sessions

1 beautiful gift box

3 certifications to be a practitioner in the incredible Theta Healing®, Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® & The Activation Method® .

Guided with love and support to begin walking your

own true path.



Then, with open arms, receiving what is next for you.

All this for 



(Payment plans are available!)

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This carefully structured package is designed for those who feel they have an area in their life that desires transformation. Be it a career, a relationship, weight, a connection to others or

a connection towards yourself in your life.

 Together over 6 sessions using transformational healing, we will be clearing limiting beliefs, fears and the manifestation of energy that has resulted in physical form in the body.

Broken down into weekly segments, using  various different modalities, we will work towards your goal of connecting back to yourself, repurposing your power to attain what you need.


6 x hour sessions

Clear goals & guidance in-between sessions

Hand selected box of beautiful gifts to aid your transformation.








This amazing package is a true soul journey. Perfect if you already have an awareness of energy & vibration. Are you waiting for the purpose of your life to be spoken to you? Is your life lacking direction? Do you feel that you were meant for more? This align package is designed to dig deep into the past and understand how to connect with your higher self. An awakening is due and this package will help you discover where your true life desires lie, to help forge a path for you to awaken and connect to your true potential. This is a truly magical package that serves you and the lives of the people around you. You were meant for more, to feel Alive, and this is the perfect beginning.


9 x hour sessions

Clear goals & guidance in-between sessions

Hand selected box of beautiful gifts to aid your awakening and alignment.





Do you see white feathers, angel numbers or have a feeling that you always have someone watching over you, supporting you? Would you like to learn more about Angels and how they can aid healing or help you through a difficult time in your life? This mini package is fabulous to learn more about them, experience an Angel healing & how you can use them in your life.


3 x hour sessions

Clear goals & guidance in-between sessions

Hand selected box of beautiful gifts to aid your connection to the angels.




A package that is open and adaptable for you to use it for your own discovery. 

This is ideal for people who already have an awareness and a good understanding of various modalities and would like to try something new, explore how it can help aid them further, perhaps dive into their genetics, ancestors and lead to other discoveries.


3 x hour sessions

Clear goals & guidance in-between sessions

Hand selected box of beautiful gifts to aid your discovery.




This package is created to help save

a few pennies!

If you book any 3 sessions with me you get

the 4th one free! 

This is my basic package.


4 x hour sessions




To make sure that this is available for everyone payment plans are available.


They will include a non refundable 20% deposit upon booking and the balance will then be split. 

For more information on any of the packages, it is advised to book a free 15 minute clarity call to meet, discuss your needs and if the package you desire is a fit for you.