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These VIP Packages are designed to take you on a meaningful, soulful jouney. Each one has a framework designed to target an area that we will then tailor to your specific needs. Some VIP package has beautiful gifts, handpicked for the individual to aid you in your transformation, making it a more beautiful, memorable & unique experience.

Single sessions available priced at £222  (approx 1 - 1.5 hours) if you don't feel ready to invest.


//6 or 9// - 60 - 90min sessions

This carefully structured package is designed for those who feel they have an area in their life that desires transformation. Be it a career, a relationship, weight, a connection to others or

a connection towards yourself in your life.

You are meant for more!

You are worth more!

An awakening is due and this package will help you discover where your true life desires lie, to help forge a path for you to transform and connect to your true potential. This is a truly unique package that serves you and the lives of the people around you. You have everything you need within, it's time to open your eyes and see.

This is the perfect beginning.

 Together over various sessions using transformational healing, we will be clearing limiting beliefs, fears and the manifestation of energy that has resulted in energetic imprints through this life, past life, ancestral and Soul beliefs whistle ensuring the embodiment and mentorship remains pure for the highest outcome.

Broken down into weekly/fortnightly segments, using  various different modalities, we will work towards your very own personal desires cultivated and nourished with miracles to connect you back to yourself, repurposing your power to attain what you desire ad call in miracles like 'It ain't no THANG'!

Short Term:


//6 or 9// - 60 - 90min sessions

Clear goals & guidance in-between sessions

Hand selected box of beautiful gifts to aid your transformation.


£1555 (6 sessions) - approx 2 month 

£1999 (9 sessions) -  approx 3 months

Long Term Investment:

£4444 - approx 6 months

(based on 3 sessions per month_

£8888 - approx 12 months

Why invest long term?

Watch the leaders of our time. 

They are all committed to Long term mentorship in all areas of life.

It really gets to be as simple as that.

Bespoke Packages are available upon request.


Intimate Transcendence
//10 days or 1 mth Daily Profound healing & coaching//

For the woman on the go, committed to growth, fast paced healing, ascension and evolution!


10 day sor 1 month 

of me on the end of the phone healing, coaching, mentoring and alchemising

with you IN THE MOMENT.

This is the most fast paced and profound 1-1 container. If you are looking to bend/collapse and leverage the law of time, mastering your energy, this is for you.

Monday to Friday

9am-5pm (gmt)

Intimate coaching guiding you through the transitions in your life with potent bitesize healings and downloads to help aid the transitions in the highest and best way for you!

'Oh My Gosh, I wish you could be with me all the time' 

Something that I hear regularly due to the speed in which we work when needed.. 

Now I can!

Bringing all the power, knowledge, support, tools and transcendence DAILY! 

How does it work?

Once booked in, we work in whatsapp or Voxer (voice notes).

I will check in with you daily to see how you are and discuss the new developments that have taken place and then proceed to guide, support, heal etc however needed in that moment.

Moving with you, intimately and  profoundly.



£333 10 days

£777 1 month

The Becoming.png


5 month, group, complete life transforming and embodied experience...

My most important legacy led

                  work yet. 

t is my mission to help others find peace, perspective and profound growth. Not from working with many, but learning to turn inwards and hear, trust and use the wisdom from their inner being. To be able to consciously live each day of their life feeling more empowered, at peace and deeply feeling the callings, yearnings  soul. Able to see the positives in //most//situations. Less triggered, less frightened. Supported with an inner trust. Cultivating their own unique connection to source and empowering them to lean into life. 

To guide them through the most transformational few months of their life. Where they can move through and beyond what they thought possible, all coming from within. 

An experience that will never be forgotten. A heart-led, heart felt, life transforming experience. 


There is nothing available like this at the moment

This 6 month experience will be:
Remembering how to be the centre of your world. 
Listening to the calling that is stirring within.
Ascending and expanding all potential.
Placing two feet into life and LIVING it.
There are ceremonies

All placed into a container of deep intention where we practice together. We do this REAL time.



I am weaving and binding together an experience that is deep in embodiment and experience. Awakening and allowing your senses to thrive. 

There will be a becoming.

A  // b e c o m i n g//

Returning you to your soul, Bringing you back to life. 

5 months
A full certification
4 masterclasses

Finishing the journey with a becoming ceremony. //sigh//
Plus so so SO much more fun and magic layered with the deepest intention, entirely for you.

It starts May 2024 through to October.


Only run once a year and only 8 places available. 

The most streamlined, supported and held way to lead you to the only place you need to be. 

Back home.

Also available 1-1. Application only.



This exceptional 6 month package is the ultimate high-vibe, joyride, life coaching and healing combination that will destroy all the walls that are stopping you from achieving everything you desire and unleash the goddess within.


Unleash will unapologetically heal the major areas in your life that are ready and raring to be dealt with allowing you to unleash.

Each month we dive deep into a different area of your life:

Your Expanded Life Purpose 

Career of your dreams

Spiritual development & Ascension 

Manifestation & Attraction 

Harmony & passion in Relationships

Environments of Desire 

Aligned Living

& Many more

Imagine your life 6 months from now having smashed through all the bulls*t that has been holding you back for years. The stories that you keep telling yourself. Keeping yourself small to please others. NO MORE.

Literally burning all of that to the ground in protest that you WILL NOT disservice yourself ANYMORE!

Powerfully stamping your foot into your authentic life that you came here to be and declaring that the TIME IS NOW!

The energy of this programme is very different from the others. It is juicy, exciting, expansive and FUN. It is cultivated with wonder and the intention for you is held high and strong.


It will pull out the deepest part of you. We work with both masculine and feminine energy balancing and enhancing both. Calling in the power Gods and Ascended Masters that are working with you at this time and whispering the callings of your soul. 

This ultimate experience is for the soul who is ready to intentionally step into this reality with FIRE!

When investing in this programme you will receive: 

6 months (12 biweekly sessions) coaching (£2664)

Voxer support                   (£4,662

Frequency Healing x12       (£450)

Personalised Divine Connection Meditation  (£222)

Ascend to the Infinite Series   (£111)

Unique LJB gift box              (£45)

& All the magic in-between - 

Tarot Readings

Crystal support

Chakra Alignment

Rise of the Goddess Meditation

Rituals to invoke all wonder plus so much more! (worth hundreds £'s)

This package will up level your life, love, sex, career, environments and deep root fun and play into your very being. It will take you and your life beyond with all the magic, wonder and fire! YUM!

Your soul investment:


(Worth over £8,000)

Payment Plans Available.

Reach out in the contact section to enquire and apply for this master programme. This wild ride, It's not for the feint hearted!


Sarah Braysher Meant for More program

Now collaborating with Sarah Braysher!

Have you ever felt like you were meant for more?




Not only will you receive 6 (Including Theta Healing® Basic & Advanced with Laura Barker) certifications PLUS all the tools to start your soul-aligned spiritual, healing and manifesting coaching business, you will also go on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery too.

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