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Free Resources

Dive into these creations to find out a little more about energy work and spiritual wellbeing.

These are great if you are not ready for a 1-1 session or package, but would like to work with me.

Do join my Facebook group 'Liberated Transcendence' for FREE live healings, help, advice and fun.

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Alpinen meadow

Meditation of Divine Connection, Oneness & Instant Healing! YAS!

This is a gift from me to you.

This incredible meditation using the Theta Healing Technique® is a supercharged meditation that takes you on a journey you will never forget. 

Just listen to my voice and open your mind and heart.


Use this workbook to understand how amazing crystals are and how they can aid, heal and transform your life.

Use this document to find the meaning behind the Crystals I have for sale at my live events:


6 Steps to Spirituality
in 6 Minutes

Grab this guide to help you get a simple routine in place.

This is perfect for beginners, or for those struggling to find time in their life for their own spiritual wellbeing, because lets face it, its hard to make time for ourselves. 

This routine is formed around your daily habits making it easy to do and will start your day in the best way possible!


Enjoy these beautiful guided meditations to help you learn how to become present, relaxed and uplifted.

Magnificent Manifesting

Sign up for this FREE 3 day manifesting event.

Join me for a phenomenal, transformational, fun and practical 3 day event, clearly guiding you through the beginning steps for manifesting.


Most importantly, identifying and releasing the hidden resistance, beliefs and emotions that have always been holding you back.


This completely shifts your vibration, enabling you to calibrate the energy and vibration of the desires you have always been longing to call in.


Anxiety Relief

Gentle technique to help with anxiety, fear, panic, panic attacks, anxiety from addictions & depression. Using a Silent Counselling technique. Learn along with me and use it whenever you need. 

This is incredibly effective.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Dive into these workshops and masterclasses, some free and some paid. All delivered with love for you and your growth and evolution

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