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T h e  B e c o m i n g

The Experience

The complete experience leading, holding you through a rebirth into the pathway you were always meant to walk, but got lost on the way.

The experience connecting you deeply to not only the energy of one-ess, but most importantly to your soul so you can listen and help guide yourself through into mastery of this life's experience. Following your completely unique thread, unapologetically and embracing every

last atom of you, completely.

This experience is drenched with the intention to hold and move you through the

landscape of enoughness. A path I have walked in this lifetime and only really fully understood how important it is to hold and nurture it. This healing and cocooned state showed me the portal of self love, acceptance and empowerment which led me to the most profound intense union with my master guides and soul calling. 

I had been waiting for an answer to show itself.

I knew I was in complete service, yet outsourcing my power to others. Waiting for their message to reach me, to move me and to reveal to me what I should be doing.

All the while I knew, that the only way I would ever know was to hear it from my guides and soul team themselves in a state of deep intensional connection, yet, I still waited, in avoidance.

I finally realised that I would never recieve what I desired so much, the clarity, until I stopped looking outside.

 To stop this completely, I had to tackle the re-occouring theme of enoughness. Head on. 

Deep, dark, transformational space.

Here I healed.

I made space and realised that this had been stopping me from being able to hear my purpose.

It had been the greatest resistance.

I changed everything

I then heard.

At that moment, I was able to embody everything I had learned, the modalities, the love and joy that I had for the work that I do with my souls calling and everything expanded.

My perception, perspective and passion reignited. 

The resistance that was lingering dissipated and left me encapsulated with purpose,

service and love.

My team were closer than ever and the light and positivity was unwavering.


Welcoming you, luminous soul.

It is time to create an experience for your soul to be heard.

This journey is for those who know they are here to help others and are ready to take their own personal or spiritual development extreemly seriously. The should looking for the next steps. 

Who have a deep connection to the spiritual path or have an enriched

belief in the creator.

This may be, God, The Universe, Allah, Source, Unconditional Love or any energy of complete creation.

An experience that will never be forgotten. A heart-led, heart felt, life transforming experience. 


There is nothing available like this at the moment

This 6 month experience will be:
Remembering how to be the centre of your world. 
Listening to the calling that is stirring within.
Ascending and expanding all potential.
Placing two feet into life and LIVING it.
There are ceremonies

All placed into a container of deep intention where we practice together. We do this REAL time.

All Theta textbooks, manuals, workbooks are included.

This is for the soul who knows they have the answers, they just can't hear them clearly, or at all.

Holding transformational healing containers to help you uncover these whispers in your

own, beautifully, divinely led, unique way.

Let's take a look...

May  - We begin

Monday 16th May

Starting with a welcome ceremony. A journey into who you are. Held, seen and accepted in the most beautiful and soft embrace.

16th - 18th Theta Healing Basic DNA

(3 days) 

July - We go Higher

July 4th - 5th Theta Healing You & Creator (2 days) Understanding when you are hearing the pure truth from the Creator.

July 11th + You & Theta Masterclass

(Self study, prerecorded) Pulling this all togthether for YOU. Holding the intension you have and lacing the components you love into a creation that comes from your soul.

September - We Master

The month Of masterclasses and healing.

Each Wednesday:

Intention - 6th,

Trust -13th,

Joy - 20th and

Beyond - 27th

Learn, expand through the limitations of your own 'enoughness'. Most importantly receiving deep healing from me to help you through each capacity.

June - We learn/remember

June 6th - 8th Theta Healing Advanced

(3 Days)

June 27th - 28th - Theta healing Dig Deeper (2 days)

August - We Embody

Practice, support, rest and embodiment

October - We Become

The Becoming Ceremony - Sunday 1st October.

The pinnacle from the last 6 months. Birthing you into sovereignty, backed with personal power and a deeper connection to soul. 


Only 8 soul spaces available for the Full experience

Your way.



Valued at Over £3000

Payment plans available 

3 months - £673pm

6 months - £338pm

12 months - £170pm


Try Theta Healing now!

Relax and open your mind to receive this wonderful and unique experience.

Journey through the 7 planes of existence into the energy of pure truth, unconditional love and divine unity, bringing you back into harmony.


The Becoming - (Without Theta Healing)

If you have already completed the training, but hear the calling to be a part of this deep, immersive self discovery...

Or perhaps you don't feel aligned at all to Theta Healing, but deeply desire to be a part of this...

I have got you gorgeous! 

This is available to you at the investment of 


Payment plans are available at the checkout.

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What Others Say

Jasmin Jess.jpg

Jasmin Jess

I've only experience one seminar with Laura (You and the Creator), but from the first contact and first moment onwards everything felt so natural with her. I felt very welcomed, even though the group knew each other before. I loved her style of teaching and her little jokes in between. Laura’s very experienced and also very natural with all the topics and not too tight on her teachings but engaging you to explore your own style. Which I love! I highly recommend her.“
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