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These testimonials mean everything to me. 

When your life shifts as a result from energy work it is something truly special, a time

that you will never forget.


You change.

You see things in a different way, sometimes more beautifully than you can ever have expected. 

It is always my absolute honour to have been a part of it.

Thank you.

Sarah, Nurse

Align Package

"There has always been a spiritual part of my life quietly sitting in the background, but I had never felt it was the right time to delve deeper into it and explore it further until I started my sessions with Laura. This is why I selected the Align package with her because I knew there was more out there for me, but I didn’t know how to access it, what I needed to do to find out more or what it was I was actually looking for. I didn’t have a set reason; I didn’t have a set goal; but I knew I had a purpose and I just needed a way to find out what that was. 

Laura is the most supportive and understanding person who will guide you through any healing process in the most beautiful way and this course was perfect as it gave me the opportunity to explore and experience different techniques and modalities with her expert mentoring guiding me every step of the way. 

After sampling the 6 different modalities there were a few that really resonated with me and awoke something within. There were genetic blockages that I never knew existed that we identified together and with Laura’s help and guidance, we released them which brought about an overwhelming sense of calm and clarity to me. Week by week, we worked together to break through barriers and open up the energies that I knew were always there, just hidden, waiting to be found. I continued to do my own personal work in my own time as recommended and guided by Laura and her constant support in the background made this whole process so unique. I could feel myself becoming more and more balanced the more work we did together and the more we discovered and cleared. 

I wasn’t going into this package with a set idea or plan, I was open to discover what was there for me and over the 12 weeks I evolved within my spiritual self and learnt to just listen to what is being told to me. I have been awoken to my journey and this is just the perfect start for me to take it on further and keep developing with it which is so exciting, and I can’t wait to discover more!

The positive energy Laura emits is so powerful that you immediately feel calm, serene, and supported and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have found my path; I amdiscovering my meaning and I have done it all with Lauraholding my hand every step of the way."

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Sunset Over the Mountains

Holly, Project Manager

"I decided to take on some Intuitive Healing/ energy sessions with Laura because I was suffering from what can only be described as a feeling of being blocked from experiencing success in my career. I was suffering from imposter syndrome and honestly believed that I would never get anywhere in life.


I was also seeing the effects of this block manifesting itself in my marriage and family. I was having a lot of doubts about whether I was a good wife and mum. The biggest problem I was facing was issues with my body image after having gained weight. I felt I wasn't able to do anything about all of these issues, I would start to try and solve my problems only to fail over and over again. 


Then I was lucky enough to stumble across Laura.


I selected the 'Transform' package from Laura's selection, which included 6 sessions. After reading the description on her website and discussing how I was feeling with Laura, I really felt that a transformation was what I needed! 


On our first session Laura asked me some probing questions which pretty instantly got to the bottom of some of my feelings about myself. I was absolutely shocked at how quickly we had arrived there and felt so excited to progress!


In later sessions we worked on healing the block I was experiencing and I felt so different about things in the coming days, I was astonished. I had told Laura I felt like I was undervalued at work (I am a Project Manager)...then a few days later I was given two large projects to work on out of the blue (after a long time of only looking after the smaller projects)  I could not believe the almost immediate shift in things! 


I would say a special moment for me within the process was learning to journal. This has really opened my eyes to how grateful I am for the small things in my life, which add up to the big things. I was able to release so many thoughts and feelings using the guided journaling and meditation that Laura gave me. They were some awesome added surprises! 


I don't want to spoil the experience for anyone who is about to have it, so I won't go into detail about what happens in the sessions, but all I can say is believe in the process, Laura will guide you in the most supportive, comforting and non-judgemental way. It really has been an absolute eye opener and for me a real route back into the spirituality and understanding of myself and what was missing in my life. I can now enjoy work and my family instead of worrying all the time!


Laura is truly incredible and I am very happy that I found her. If you are on the fence or feeling sceptical, I would say take the plunge, sometimes when you least expect it you stumble across just the person who can give you the help, courage and understanding to overcome your issues. That is what Laura did for me."

Sat on the Rocks

Sophie, Charity Founder

"I contacted Laura to book and lead a wellness & meditation evening for myself and 16 other SEN mummies as a treat for Mother's day. I run my own charity that supports siblings of children with disabilities (Super Siblings) and wanted to really treat the mummies as the last year has been difficult for us all but having children with SEN brings a whole lot more of worries, strain and pure exhaustion. All I can say is Laura did not disappoint. She lead the session beautifully and managed to get us all to relax and switch off, which is never easy for any SEN Mummies.
For myself personally, I find it very difficult to just STOP, slow and not think about anything and clear my mind but not only was Laura able to relax me enough to do this, I was fully involved and was able to embrace and picture everything she was saying. It was pure blisse, like a wonderful dream. 
There was a special moment for us all when it was time for us to come back and open our eyes. You could not only see but feel the difference in everyones body lagnuage, completely calm and relaxed.  We all loved every minute and can not wait to book Laura again for another group session."


Bride Looking at the Sea

Hannah, Actor

Laura is an incredible soul; A welcoming, homely and loving energy who has taught me so very much. About the realms beyond that which the eyes can see, about the physical world around me and most importantly, about myself.
I chose the ‘Transform’ package at a time in my life where I felt tired of the negativity in the world, scared of what lied ahead of me and confused about who I was.
I’m a firm believer in there being ’no such thing as a coincidence’, so when Laura popped up in my Instagram feed, stopping me in my scrolling tracks, I paused. For the first time in a while. And pondered what life would be like with total freedom and acceptance.
From the first time we spoke I knew I’d fallen into the path of a powerhouse woman who knew her stuff, and although I was determined to level up my game and step into my power… I just didn’t know how to. Laura has a way of making you feel as if you’ve known her for years. I trusted that, although I didn’t know quite how I was going to uncover myself and move forwards, she had the tools I needed to get well on my way.
Laura guided me throughtout my sessions to be honest, vulnerable and fearless. She showed me the strength I already had within me, to go deep into my soul and pull out some of the hurt that was stopping me progressing.
It was emotional, exhilarating and one of the best experiences in my life.
We worked with Theta, EFT Tapping, Meditiation, Quantum Holographic Echo Healing, Tarot and lots more throughout the package, and Laura carefully and beautifully structured each session based on a personal arc I needed to grow through. As well as little helpers sent to me between sessions and aftercare. It felt prescribed but oh-so-natural. It flowed and weaved together effortlessly, but touched distant parts of myself that had been disconnected for years. It was wholesome and raw, all at the very same time.
There were special moments in that beautiful, bright little room every time I went. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I discovered genetics, higher self, memories that I’d lost, future self, synchronicities and the most important lesson of all… about my train carriage.
I am no longer afraid of the highs and lows I now know are inevitable. Those times will come and those times will pass; both good and bad. But I know I have the strength to face it all, and that I am indeed, enough. Everything I need has always been there, you just have to be open to acknowledge it, instead of letting fear dominate your life. And rather than depending on the external to fill my cup, I have learned that my stability, happiness, courage and much more, will forever be, Han-made ;-) 
An awakening of spirit I will never forget. Thank you for teaching me consistency and the pure skill of owning one’s story completely. Thank you for helping me re-ignite my light. Thank you for leading me home.


Bride Looking at the Sea

Lyndsey, Network Marketing Professional

Wow wow wow I’m absolutely blown away after my session with Laura , she was absolutely spot on with where I am at right now and I was able to gain clarity to move forward .. Over the past 48 hours I have had THE BIGGEST energy shift and I’m so so grateful . She was amazing and I felt completely safe and supported throughout the session. I’ve manifested the craziest things in the last 2 days and I’m just buzzing!

Sunset Over the Mountains

Josie, Business Coach

"I worked with Laura over 4 sessions because I was feeling exhausted and lacking inspiration in my business. After our first session I started to feel more energy immediately. We found that the blocks I was experiencing were both genetic and historical which explained connections with a few behavioural patterns I have today. Laura used theta energy healing to clear these. During our second session, my Grandmother's spirit came to Laura (and gave her name), with some other specific information. It was so lovely to receive a message from her. During our third and fourth sessions, Laura worked on clearing blocked emotions that I had trapped around my stomach area. Which resulted in me feeling lighter and clearer. I am now refocused, inspired and have much more energy along with some helpful advisories to continue the energy shifts. Laura is a skilled healer, her sessions are engaging & informal which made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in energy work and wanting to create a shift.

Sat on the Rocks

Sammie, Barbour

"From the moment you first meet Laura she is pure sunshine. She wraps you up in this bubble of love and warmth and makes you feel safe, calm and un judged. On a healing level she is every bit the perfect person to guide you and open up your mind to so many possibilities and strengths. I know she has done this for me on so many levels. I feel extremely lucky to have her guide me and her healing has been nothing short of amazing for me. I couldn’t recommended Laura enough, she is a true angel with the purest of souls. Thank you so much LB"

Bride Looking at the Sea

Charlotte, Dance Teacher

"My Angel healing with Laura has been more than transformational for me it’s been the most wonderful and fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. In total I’ve had 3 sessions but Laura has been extremely supportive throughout the healing process not just in the sessions but outside too. Laura has this wonderful and natural way of making you feel calm and at ease and feel you can fully open your mind, heart and soul!


From the first session I felt a difference in myself, it’s like she awakened my spiritual wings, it was emotional and exhilarating at the same time, after the first session I instantly couldn’t wait for the next! 


In the second session we focused on some insecurities and areas that needed clarifying. From the beginning to the end of the session, I felt a release emotionally and also physically. This session had me realising I needed to let go of some past experiences.


After my 3rd session I already knew my thought process and my day to day life had taken a whole new spiritual direction all thanks to Laura’s outstanding guidance! 


I can’t thank Laura enough, before her sessions I didn’t have a lot of confidence and struggled with daily anxiety but now 1 week after finishing my sessions with Laura and the angels my anxieties and insecurities have improved impeccably! I use Laura’s meditation and Angel healing methods on a daily basis, I  recommend Laura and her Angel healing to every single woman, man and human being out there! 


Thank you Laura you Beautiful Soul!"

Sunset Over the Mountains

Sam, Pre-school Teacher

I had an EFT tapping session on Wednesday. From the moment I booked it I felt fully valued as a client and everything was so well explained. Laura is so friendly, easy to get on with and I felt at ease the entire session. Afterwards the change has been phenomenal, it’s allowed me to do things and go places my anxiety stopped me from even thinking of let alone going to. Laura also has been there afterwards for support and encouragement. Doing the session has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Literally, I can’t thank you enough, but even more importantly, so do my kids - Who are getting their mummy back ❤️

Sat on the Rocks

Karli, Retail Manager

After coming out of lockdown 2021 I felt like I had changed as a person and not for the better.

I had started to become withdrawn and anxious about getting back to life and I found myself dwelling on my past far too much.

I wanted something natural to try and help me work on myself a bit.


I contacted Laura and she suggested QHEH. 

I had 1, 1 hour session and It was amazing!

Laura has such a lovely natural nature and I felt instantly at ease when I arrived.

We managed to work through some past fears and I have never felt so relaxed.

I felt like I could feel this massive amount of pressure being realised through the session.

I came out feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time and on top of the world. 

She recommend the tapping healing for a few days after when I loved!

Thanks so much to Laura for getting the old me back, couldn’t recommend her enough. 

Sunset Over the Mountains

Kirsty, Artist

I was bought some sessions with Laura from a wonderful friend of mine and it was the perfect gift I could have asked for. 

Laura is so easy to talk to and explains everything she is doing with you. 

The techniques she has taught me have truly helped me work through some of my problems with fibromyalgia and anxiety. 

Working with Laura has been a wonderful experience and I shall miss my sparkly showers. 

Barbara, Doctor

Laura is a very gifted, wonderful healer with great empathy who can help to change being feeling a block to rock. I am very happy to know her!

Sat on the Rocks

Karina, Finance Consultant

"I just wanted to share my amazing news after we had a swap session! For the couple of months before I was looking to buy a property in London which is not an easy task. On the second day after a session I have found a flat I really like,made an offer and my offer was accepted! I got so nervous with mortgage, but I have done manifestation work and it helped me to get mortgage approved within two days! THANK YOU for your session and advise on manifestation work!"

Bride Looking at the Sea

Lauren, Teacher

I chose the Echo Healing as I have dabbled in various spiritual methods in the past and felt this was a good allrounder. I was looking for Laura to help me progress forward personally and leave past fears behind me. 


Laura instantly put me at ease, I felt comfortable in sharing difficult memories and asking for her help. Laura explained each part of the session and only moved on when I was ready. We covered spiritual messages, tarot card, meditation, pendulum and practical advice. I really appreciated Laura’s care and the time she allowed me to explore past experiences and discuss my feelings. Laura’s technique allowed me to have a greater understanding of my own reactions and emotions and this became key in my own progression. Laura opened my eyes to issues that affected my emotions that I did not realise were bothering me until we faced them together. 


I cried and I physically ached. I felt I needed to release these emotions and I was able to do so in a safe space. I had a euphoric moment at the end of the session in meditative state. I felt like I was watching a film of my own life and it was one filled with happiness, safety and excitement. Leaving on this experience allowed me to acknowledge how far I have come and how wonderful my onward journey could be. I left feeling like I could breathe again. 


During aftercare I almost felt ‘hungover’, tired and wanting comforting cups of tea and quiet. I followed my affirmation instructions and by the end of day three was smiling at my reflection and was filled with hope and positivity. I had turned a page and it was invigorating. 


Returning to work following aftercare, colleagues commented on how well I physically looked. I felt lighter, brighter, and able to pursue the exciting opportunities that were coming my way. I am able to vision a better life for me and my family and the meeting Laura meant I could put some old skeletons to bed. Laura has helped me to reignite determination to step into all the new opportunities in my future and I’m really excited for what is to come.


Thank you so much

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