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Self Study Courses & Mini Experiences 

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A w a k e n
The 7 week, self led path back to balanced life.


Bringing you home.

Your starting, reset or returning point.

Connecting you slowly, clearly and joyfully back to the power you hold.


Are parts of your life out of balance and do you feel like everything is always an uphill struggle?


Are you fed up of searching Google for hours of hundreds of ways to ' feel calmer' or 'self-help'?


Are you waiting for the moment when you start to feel connected, in all aspects of your life?


You know there is something more to life, more than just this, but don't know who to ask or where to start?


Have you seen and felt the benefit of a more holistic approach to your life and want to learn more?


Are you ready to get to work and invest in yourself, but worry about committing due to your busy lifestyle?


Would you like to discover and learn some amazing skills that you can use for the rest of your life to help you make decisions, feel calmer, loved and more in control?


Better yet, are you ready to awaken the magical essence that lies inside? The essence of you that is 

waiting for the moment you surrender?



This amazing self study course is for you!

Step into your own online portal where you can discover, practice and learn some incredible ways to help support and guide you on your own unique journey of wellbeing. Not only this, but really awakening you to understand just what lies inside and what you are truly capable of!


It's time to awaken that spark within so that you know you are divinely supported and guided

in everything that you do.


You are never alone.


This clear and easy to understand 7 week course is designed for beginners and people returning to a more holistic and spiritual way of life, who may have lost their way and are being called back to discover.

Working at your own pace, whenever you feel ready, you can access your own online course to enjoy.

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These Modules are absolutely packed with workbooks, videos, excerises, hints and tips and support from everything including Energy to Angel Numbers. 

Learn how to use a pendulum, read Oracle cards, manifest your wildest desires, keep yourself balanced and your energy cleansed. This is so much value, packed into a course especially for you.



Learn the importance and relevance of Energy, how to raise your vibe, feel good and cleanse your energy.



Exploring how the chakras can hold the key to how you have been feeling and how to rebalance them effectively.



Learning about manifesting, the laws of the universe and how they are all connected to you. Learn my super effective way to get manifesting your wildest desires! 



Help with how to mediate if you are a beginner or have been struggling. Experience 3 beautiful meditations to relax you deeply, like you have never been before.



How to discover, develop and hone your intuition. Helpful tips, exercises and explanations.


Spiritual Support

Establish just how supported you really are with your spiritual support. Which spirits and energies are which and how you can begin to connect with them.


Spiritual Tools

Exploring Crystals, Oracle cards, pendulums and how to use them effectively in your life everyday without the confusion and all the magic.

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All of this for just 



One time payment

The positive energy Laura emits is so powerful that you immediately feel calm, serene, and supported and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have found my path; I am discovering my meaning and I have done it all with Laura holding my hand every step of the way."


// S O U L //
The Ceremony

Step into the present moment, fully and connect to the voice and truths of your soul.

For those craving the deeper connection

For those who seek the deeper answers

For those who know the REAL answers, always come from within, not the external bullshit.

For those know they are here for more...


Only £9.99

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