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Soul // The Mini Membership

Soul // The Mini Membership




Or purchase below (it will be priced at £0) and you will recoeve a pdf with a link to sign up to the membership!


Full access to an online portal with over 40 hours of healing, coaching and magic, PLUS monthly live expereinces to keep you tuned into your Soul's expansion in this life experince!


£9 per month, and cancel ANYTIME.


I wanted to create a space that was PACKED full of magic. Full of value and wonder, deeper learning and meaning. At a smaller investment than my one-to-one coaching.


Something that could be held SO close to peoples hearts.


A way forward to help me serve more people and on a larger scale.

A way for me to showcase my unique purpose and for me to empower others with theirs.

A way for people to lean in, before they go forward. 

With a price tag that is an absolute NO brainer.

With ongoing support, love, fun and community set in a relaxed energy.


I just know, you will absolutley love this.


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