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The Vortex

Innovate your unique soul led medicine, cultivate mastery to serve humanity authentically in expanded

joy, grace & ease.


3 month // 1-1 // Intimate,

high calibration, medicine

mastery & mentorship portal.


Innovate your unique soul led medicine, cultivate mastery to serve humanity authentically in expanded joy, grace & ease.


This is a 3 month Intimate, high touch, high calibration, 1-1 medicine mastery and mentorship portal.


You’re a soul led leader, healer, lightworker, transformation specialist, spiritual coach or mentor.

You have a strong spiritual calling and are already on a path of service to humanity through vocation, career, community and or family.


Your purpose has once again, deepend and the lack of clarity on HOW to develop your work has emerged you are consuming more, trying to make sense of what you are doing and where you are going.


Big shifts internally and externally plus navigating the human trajectory (family, finance and community) is now providing time restraints and pressure, leaving you stretched, hurtling towards burn out and struggling to navigate these new deepenings and the new ‘edge’.

Yet, you know you can hold it. You know you can be it and the calling has never been louder to lean into YOU and develop your own methodology and medicine. But you can feel the tremors of doubt and the echoes of past ‘failures’ starting to stir.


You know it's what you came here to do. But right now. It’s too much to develop your service.

The next level of your work has whispered. You know it is purpose driven service to the collective. You know it will require a deepening of yourself and gifts into mastery.


You desire to move away from cherry picking techniques and into yourself to develop your own alchemical methodology. You desire to develop a higher quality service, for it to completely, authentically and fluidly align you to your mission, desires, alchemy, and subsequently overall service to humanity, completely and unapologetically in your own lane and singing your soul’s expression, not a regurgitated bland and generic message. Specific potent Medicine and Alchemy whilst BEING ease to hold and live your life alongside mission.


This deeply intimate 1-1 container will you through this next level and deepening of your purpose. To be mentored, supported energetically and spiritually through this process by someone who holds, grace, ease, joy and expansion like they breathe air.

Calibrating your next level, planting yourself into your own unique mastery. Collapsing time and space, serving deeper and wider than you thought possible into the wider collective as you perfect your authentic medicine for the new earth.

The Vortex-3.png

Through this work you will...

Create your own unique medicine and methodology that not only leaves your clients open mouthed, referring your profound, sacred and completely unique work to everyone they know but positioning your authentic work as transformational mastery and the ‘go to’ alchemist whilst serving the greater collective naturally and with ease.

Create congruently. Calibrating to ease, grace, joy, and mastery whilst you are creating will also generate a solid state through life in general. You will solidify simplicity and ease which enhances congruency with ease in relationships, ease with a sustainable relationship with your health. Ease within communication. Ease in manifesting the right support into your life so you can serve with expanded ease and deal with the other important soul virtues: Family, community, finance, essentially the 3D reality of life. You can have it all.

Relish in deep mentorship and share experience together as we uncover your deeper alchemy, mastery, purpose and service to humanity. Feel what it is like to be the balance point of duality through calibration. This level of expressed ease externally enables quicker problem solving, more balanced conversations, greater productivity in day to day life and creates space for joy in overflow. You will initiate and hold a higher perspective for yourself to assess the wider soul path unfolding. This exposes blind spots quickly and streamlines momentum. This compounds time, and the tangible results flow to you with ease for you AND your clients.

Innovate and Master your unique methodology, techniques and craft by understanding it, developing it and testing it with EASE. This is your soul led innovation and direct stream into AUTHENTIC, purpose driven service, serving humanity easily with your alchemy, expression and brilliance. This mastery and ease, creates space to navigate the more ‘human’ experience, commitments and present moment without sacrifice to your mission.

Elevate your unique soul expressed brand, above the generic and into a soul aligned frequency. With Astrology branding expert, Beth Woodward, and soul ceremony, uncover the finer frequencies of who you are here to serve beyond the ‘niche’. Have your mission completely identifiable through your content and aesthetics creating more impact and presence and ultimately a clearer pathway for your soul aligned clients uplevenliing the collective and mission with ease.

The Journey...

This 3 month Intimate, high touch, high calibration, 1-1 medicine mastery and mentorship portal.

Month 1

We open the creation portal with anchored soul ceremony, connection and discovery into mission desires.

Establishing what your medicine is, what the passion and purpose is, where your joy innately lies in life and vocation and find the frequency of ease that threads through. We heal any fractals of enoughness, expectation and recode to the creators truth on what these are, what they feel like to you so you can recognise these in day to day life and lean into deeper levels of self trust and taking more solid, rooted and joyful action in all areas of life. This creates the foundation to work through.

Month 2

Develop your unique and potent medicine. We advance and fine tune your own skill set. We understand the foundations and solidity of it layered with your soul’s essence for your signature ‘flavour’, we refine, deepen, practice it and test it. Getting exceptionally confident so that you are one of a kind, the only person with this unique medicine. This will create unshakable confidence in what you are creating, who it’s for, the efficiency of how it feels and the results it is getting and creating a plethora of rave reviews from clients.

Month 3

Mastering through feminine embodiment the divine, soul and self. Earthing it into the present, anchoring into a new paradigm through Ceremony. Expanding the physical and energetic capacity to hold more WITH YOUR NEW MASTERED MEDICINE. Life is easier. Tasks complete in time and on your time, money flows in through the space you have created. Joy is present and identified because there is now space to BE IT.


Your unique Astrology & Branding session with Beth Woodward, an expert in soul led business branding to help uncover hidden opportunities, blind spots and brand expansion within your mission and medicine to your ideal, soul led clients, community and or family. Through Ceremony, we close the container, the space the energetics, reflect, plant and anchor into the new trajectory.

The Vortex-2.png


Voxer support Monday to Friday for the entire 3 months. Holding, supporting and healing through your transformation in real time with downloads, expanded perspectives, mentorship and channeling.

Integration, embodiment processes and techniques for grounding and stabilising the transitions in between the sessions.

Two Astrology branding expert sessions to anchor the start and end of the vortex, with Beth Woodward to captivate the essence of you and align it to your purpose and mission creating a magnetic brand.


Sarah B meant for more_edited.png

Working with Laura for 6 months has been such an eye opening and enlightening experience. When I came to Laura, I felt extremely lost. Having just had our second baby I had completely lost my identity, and had no idea who this new version of me was or what she was here to achieve.


Whilst working with Laura, she helped me come back to who I truly was at a soul level. I gained so much more clarity not just within myself but also my business and my family life too. I felt so supported and so understood throughout our journey together, and I’m so grateful that the things she has taught me will stay with me for life.


She held me through the good times and the challenging times too, and I can’t thank her enough for everything she helped me see and embody over those 6 months.


After our 6 months together, I gained so much more trust in myself and my decisions both within my business and my finances, and have seen my business grow exponentially from a £2k a month business to hitting my first 5 figure cash month just a couple of months later. 

This is because now I trust my intuition so much more, and I move with so much more clarity and ease.

Sarah Braysher - Manifesting Expert

The Vortex-2.png


Pay in Full

or  3 monthly payment of £2,333 

But of course, join now & receive...

When you invest in The Vortex you will receive access to these other programs,



Soul Alchemy​

Laura J Barker

I am a Transformational Coach, Soul Specialist and Spiritual Educator here to lead, empower, educate and alchemise you into Spiritual Mastery. I have served hundreds soul’s through internal and external transformation and pride myself in holding the balance point in duality, ensuring fun and vitality with tenderness and depth. Ease and velocity is a lasting effect from my medicine which is the ultimate expander and legacy I am here to leave. It was always supposed to be this way.

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