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Soul Star Chakra: Elevating Your Connection to Cosmic Consciousness

Today, we embark on a journey into the mystical realms of the Soul Star Chakra, a beacon of transcendence that lights the path to higher consciousness. Get ready to explore what it is, why it's vital for your spiritual growth, what it governs, how to work with it effectively, and how it fosters a profound connection with your true self.

What is the Soul Star Chakra?

The Soul Star Chakra, often considered the eighth chakra in our energy system, resides above the Crown Chakra. This celestial vortex serves as a bridge to the cosmic universe and our divine nature. It's where your soul's purpose, your higher self, and your spiritual evolution come into focus. Imagine it as your cosmic compass guiding you through the vast universe of your soul.

Why Explore the Soul Star Chakra?

The exploration of the Soul Star Chakra is a pivotal step in your spiritual journey, and here's why:

  1. Connect to Cosmic Wisdom: It's like having a direct line to the cosmic library, where ancient wisdom and profound insights flow effortlessly. The Soul Star Chakra enhances your ability to access universal knowledge. Including Akasha and the energy of all that is.

  2. Higher Self Integration: This chakra is your portal to a deeper understanding of your higher self. It helps you align with your life's purpose and divine path.

  3. Transcendence and Healing: By exploring this chakra, you can release karmic patterns, past-life traumas, and emotional baggage. It's the key to soul-level healing and liberation.

  4. Spiritual Enlightenment: The Soul Star Chakra is where your spiritual awakening gains momentum. It offers glimpses of enlightenment, unity, and the oneness of all creation.

What the Soul Star Chakra Governs

The Soul Star Chakra governs the following aspects of your being:

  1. Spiritual Connection: It fosters a profound connection to the spiritual dimensions, guiding your spiritual evolution.

  2. Higher Purpose: It helps you discover and align with your soul's purpose and the bigger picture of your life's journey.

  3. Karmic Healing: This chakra supports healing at the deepest soul level, allowing you to release past karmic patterns and traumas.

  4. Intuition and Wisdom: It enhances your intuitive abilities and grants access to cosmic wisdom and higher guidance.

Working with the Soul Star Chakra Effectively

Here are steps to effectively work with the Soul Star Chakra:

Meditation: Begin with meditation. Visualize the Soul Star Chakra as a radiant, shimmering sphere above your head.

In meditation, find a quiet and serene space where you can sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep, calming breaths to center yourself. Imagine a brilliant, luminous sphere hovering above your head. Visualize it as a radiant, shimmering globe of energy, glowing with celestial light. Envision this sphere as your direct link to the cosmic universe, your bridge to higher consciousness.

As you immerse yourself in this visualization, sense the energy of the Soul Star Chakra flowing down like a gentle waterfall, infusing you with a sense of expansion and connection. Allow this radiant sphere to become a part of your being, like a guiding star lighting your path to the cosmos.

Affirmations: Use affirmations to connect with your higher self and align with your soul's purpose.

Affirmations are your cosmic mantras, your words of intention that help you establish a deeper connection with your higher self and purpose. Speak or think these affirmations with sincerity and belief. Some examples include:

"I am in tune with my higher self and soul's purpose."

"My cosmic connection guides me to greater awareness and wisdom."

"I embrace the boundless potential of the universe within me."

Reciting affirmations daily, in harmony with your meditation, helps strengthen your bond with the Soul Star Chakra, reaffirming your intention to explore your spiritual path.

Energy Healing: Seek energy healers or use energy healing practices to clear and balance this chakra.

Energy healing is like a cosmic spa day for your chakras! Pus allowing space for an expert to help clear cleanse and re-energise. Seek the guidance of experienced energy healers, such as Reiki practitioners or Spiritual Teachers (*Ahem*), who can help you clear any blockages and balance your Soul Star Chakra. These experts can channel universal energy to remove stagnant or negative energy, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and connected to the higher dimensions.

If you prefer a DIY approach, consider energy healing practices like Reiki self-healing, chakra cleansing, or crystal therapy. These techniques can help you balance your energy centers, including the Soul Star Chakra, and promote a harmonious flow of cosmic energy.

Stones and Crystals: Utilize stones like selenite, clear quartz, and amethyst to amplify your connection with the Soul Star Chakra.

Stones and crystals are like cosmic assistants, enhancing the energy and connection to your Soul Star Chakra. Selenite, with its ethereal glow, clears and amplifies the chakra's energy. Clear quartz, the master healer, elevates your connection to the higher realms. Amethyst, the stone of spiritual insight, opens doors to deeper understanding.

Place these crystals on or near your meditation space. Hold them in your hands during meditation, allowing their energy to merge with your own. Visualize their light infusing your Soul Star Chakra, expanding your cosmic connection.

Divine Connection: Cultivate a sense of awe and reverence for the divine. Open your heart to the universe.

Your Soul Star Chakra is your portal to the divine, so cultivate a sense of wonder and reverence for the cosmic universe. Practice gratitude for the mysteries of the cosmos and the guidance it offers.

Open your heart to the universe with a sense of awe and humility, recognizing that you are a part of something grand and interconnected. Embrace the profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening that the universe presents. With this attitude, you will receive the wisdom and inspiration needed to align with your higher self and soul's purpose.

This combination of meditation, affirmations, energy healing, crystals, and a sense of divine connection will empower your relationship with the Soul Star Chakra, facilitating a deeper understanding of your higher self and a profound connection with the cosmic universe.

Connection to Self and the Universe

"The Soul Star Chakra is where we acknowledge that our existence is not confined to earthly boundaries. It's where we remember that we are stardust, connected to the cosmos. This is the portal to the deepest understanding of ourselves and our place in the grand tapestry of the universe."

As you explore the Soul Star Chakra, you're on a journey of self-discovery that transcends time and space. Your connection with your higher self and the cosmos becomes more profound, leading you toward the radiant truth of your existence. Dive into this cosmic realm and experience the magnificent synergy between your soul and the universe. 🌟🌌🧘‍♂️

Does all of this really excite you?

I remember, I couldn't stop learning about the Soul after I had experienced some of this. Months of reading, experimenting, healing and deep, DEEP work.

It became some of my most important work and before long, most of my clients were presenting with soul led issues. I found myself working more and more closely with souls and soul issues growing in knowledge, profound transformation and mastery.

So I decided to share some of what I had learnt, to help soul seekers on their path.

I would love for you to take a look ... Click on the image below to find out more!

Until then, let me know below your wonderful experiences with your Soul Star Chakra.

I love hearing about them!



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