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Spending more time with //Soul//

We make it too hard...

Connecting to soul is often seen in the spiritual community as something that you cannily do when you have reached a certain level of development and it couldn't be further from the truth. Unfortunately, we are conditioned that deep work like this takes time and deep meditation. The truth is that your soul is always present. Always. It is the inner most part of you and connected to your everyday moments. We have had resistance upon resistance layered on top of each other that suggests which makes us doubt ourselves and doubt the whispers that have been seeping through our heartsease, (The portal to your soul). You can connect to the deeper knowings and callings of your soul in a second. I'll explain below. It can also be developed into so many different fun, deep, energetic, sincere (you name it) practices. But the most important thing is your human body and existence, learns to listen with an open heart and a quiet mind. (Your mins will usually talk you round to the opposite to what your soul is highlighting.

Quick and efficient to connect in the moment:

Spend some time, just quietening yourself.

Focus on your breath to rhythm of your breath to help you.

Place your hand on your heart and close your eyes.

Direct your breath to your heart space.

Then ask a question you desire to now the answer to to your heart space.

Allow the first answer that comes from this space to come forward.

Write it down.

Contemplate, reflect.

It will feel like a pure loving knowing. Centred, calm and true. You may even feel the thought of ' I knew that deep down if I really admit it'.

If the answer is negative, condescending, or feels strange, it is most probably your ego!

Tell me below how you get on!

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