Becoming a Practioner

If you are ready to help others like never before then look no further.

This page will explain a little about the certified healing modalities that I teach to others.

It is the most rewarding choice I have ever made.

One to one Teaching is available. Please scroll to the bottom.

Learn how

I run12 hour courses which is split into 2/3 days. These are for beginners and experienced healers. Each course is held as an online class on zoom. There is full support and guidance for all. They are set in a loving, respectful and nurturing environment. No question to silly.

One to one teaching is available, see below. 


Once you have completed your training, you may need to provide documented case studies. (Depending on the certification.) Once this has been reviewed and all payments owed have been made, you will receive your certification, accredited by the IPHM.

Change lives

It is then time to book in your clients, change lives and spread your love and light to the world. The only requirement that you will need will be to purchase liability insurance. (If you are looking to heal others as a business)

There is also an additional support package to help you develop a spiritual healing business if desired.

Quantum Holographic
Echo Healing ®

The Activation Method

Theta Healing®

Next training dates


Activation Method™️ 

3rd, 4th & 5th - 10am - 2pm


Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® 

7th, 8th & 9th - 10am -  2pm 



Activation Method™️

5th & 6th March (Weekend Course)


Theta Healing®

5th, 6th, 7th,


Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® 

9th & 10th (Weekend Course)


The Activation Method™️ - £888 

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®️ - £795

Theta Healing - Prices vary

Payment Plans Available.

Meditating on the Beach

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The Activation Method


Theta Healing

Prices vary per course

Or purchase
The Activation Method for
Saving you £183!


Add these two groundbreaking modalities to your repertoire!

This offer is suitable for beginners, or for established practitioners or coaches.

By being able to offer the two modalities you will be able to initiate powerful transformations in the lives of the people you are serving. Watching them grow, flourish and call in their own unique desires.

As a coach I am always laser focussed on my 
clients journey and these modalities allow me to create their bespoke journey. 

If you know you are here to serve, to help and move people as I did, these modalities will provide you the pathway for you to allow your journey to unfold for you and your future promised clients.


One to one Teaching

This is available for those who would like to work privately or struggle with a group or class setting. I have become aware that some students have had crippling anxiety with the classroom environment and it stops them from pursuing their desire. 


Whilst the class environment is the preferred method due to the energy calibration, experience and exceptional relationships that students form, I understand that there needs to be the option for one to one teaching.

This is available at a slightly higher charge (not including QHEH®).

If this is something you would prefer, please contact me directly.

Contact LJB for Private Teaching

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