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The energetics, activations and innate personal power to EXPL8DE your intuition, potency and speed in which you work and become the KNOWN, go to, miracle making  expert in your field


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This 14 day intensive container is going light the fuse and explode your skills beyond a

'quantum leap'.


When you bring together leadership energetics, compounded embodiment, radical ease and depth to your already established and powerful techniques, prepare for crystal clear clarity

of epic proportion and velocity in your work, purpose and legacy and overall level of receptivity, because, you know, as soon as you start focusing on receiving, you will start receiving in all areas

of life.


Your service and contribution to the world gets to be easier, flawless, sought after and completely congruent to the way you always thought it was going to be...

Which is why you started in the first place, right?


To be the epitome of 'miracles' and expand the frequency of miracles in your being...


Miracles like:

* Instant Healings

* Changing the weather

* Bending time

* Quantum leaping/jumping

* Co creating a radical reality

* Channeling multidimensionally with complete clarity and ease

*Healing the cellular DNA instantly

What if this was your constant reality?

*Telekinesis and other WILDY exhilarating achievements you have always known are possible.


The thing is, it's not just the techniques that enable this 'miracle speed' state.

It's YOU.


Your gifts/skills on demand.

Your magnetism turned all the way up.

The way that you lead yourself through your business and into your light frequency.

Your soul aligned clients, buying from you over and over again, recommending your work over and over again.

The results and testimonials pouring in in overflow as you lean deeper into what you absolutley LOVE to play with?


Y. U. M



This has been my reality for the last 3 years. Every student I have taught has completely collapsed time, stepped out of the outdated paradigms of 'development' and into their own unique way of co - creation and get this...




The highest truth is that you were born from the energy of co-creation and limitless potential.

That is who you are. Infinite energy.

It's what your soul calls you towards, daily.


But we miss the opportunity to do this in the slip stream of speed and JOY.

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is your VIP pass to expereince compounded energetics, leadership and skills to blow open your concept of what ease and FUN looks like as you unfold into mastery with figure 8 energy and expansion.


I'm sharing with you potent activations only my 1-1

clients receive!

Let's take a look at how
this works...

Live round commences
9th September 2024

14 days of high touch mentorship

The first live round will be held in Telegram.

Each day I will be dropping a bespoke activation along with the supporting embodiment and implementation. These include skills, techniques and supportive tools for you to then action in your daily reality. Once completed it will all be uploaded to your own private online portal to access again and again!

Compunded Momentum

Lean into the embodiment of daily momentum, compounded with personal power and level of ease that will explode your skills.

Private Online Community

Create the community you have always desired. HIGH FREQUENCY beings here to live life in the expanded fast lane. Think calibration, fun, expanded and heightened states of awareness and acceleration!

Tools, experiences and techniques 

Inside are many superpowered tools, techniques, energetics, challenges, practices and experiences for you to use, to support your explosion and come back to time and time again.  

Most assume it's the technical development and practice that leads you to Mastery.

It's not just the skills you learn, it's who you are.

The energetics, the way you move, the choices you make and the way you apply yourself that moves you into leadership and mastery.

And I am uncovering it all for you to apply daily to sink you into this with ULTIMATE ease and FUN


Inside EXPL8DE you will...

💥 Learn the key energetics needed to turn up your innate power which will spark the fuse for your intuitive explosion, taking your ease and skill to the next level

💥 Expand the way in which you play with figure 8 energy and how that expl8des your capacity to receive more clarity in the way that you work multidimensionally, creating exceptional results for your dream clients, solidifying your place as the go to expert in your field.

💥 Learn how to deepen your practice for exponential results, in your own unique and beautiful way, leveraging the state of ease and co creation with the energy of oneness and how important the playful and light state of bing is to consistently achieve this.

💥 Uncover the energetics of embodied leadership in your craft, rooting your expertise, wisdom and mastery into your skill, work, content, vocabulary and overall frequency exuding uniqueness into your brand, creating a WORLD of difference between you and every other lightworker on the net. 

💥 Free yourself from the 'consistency' traps that stunt your intuitive connection when you enter your stretch zones/void spaces.

Once I show you how to identify these, you will never be in the dark again!

Explode plainKartra Sales Page headers .jpg

Value - 2k



Price increases to £555 

on 31st July 24

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is 'EXPL8DE' for?

You’re incredible with the illogical.  You have developed your intuition and psychism intentionally and you are DEDICATED to your healing and channeling. Your clients receive incredible results, but you’re ready to accelerate into a deeper sense of receptivity and start working on the more exponential results. You want to explore all the facets needed, required and activated to play with deeper levels of skill and emerging leadership in your area of expertise. 

You want to experience a transformational container in the FREQUENCY OF FUN! Just imagine the miracles that await as you play in the lighter frequencies, practice ease and flow and collapse time on YOUR TERMS.

What is the Investment?

£333 (Pay in Full) raising to £555 after 31st July 24


How do I purchase and book the Expl8de Container?

Click the buttons above. Once you have paid you will receive an email with all the information you need to access the Telegram Group (if on the live round). Once the live round is complete, you will receive log in details for your own online portal to access the full course and bonuses.



Once I have joined, what do I have access to straight away?

You will get access to your online portal which will have your preparation steps and all the info you need to start. 

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