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//6 or 9// - 60 - 90min sessions

When life get's sticky, and continuity starts to unfold into the shadow side. Its time to move.

You are meant for more, worth more and can CREATE more.

This is beyond manifestation. Here we sink into the direct source of creation to create the life you have always desired.


An awakening &activation is due and this package will help you discover where your deeper desires lie, to help forge a path for you to transform and connect to your true potential. This is a unique package that serves not only you, but unconsciously, the lives of the people around you. You have everything you need within, it's time to unfold, open your eyes and see.

Your new, perfect beginning.

 Together over various sessions using transformational healing, we will be clearing limiting beliefs, fears and the manifestation of energy that has resulted in patterns/imprints through this life, past life, ancestral and Soul beliefs whistle ensuring the embodiment and mentorship remains pure for the highest outcome. This touches areas of transformation that logical 'Therapy' sometimes doesn't reach. We work on all states on being as a human, not just the mental body.

THEN, re aligning you from release into expansion and then overflow.

Waking up every morning smiling with anticipation and gratitude and actually WANTING to jump out and start the day.

Living life through choice and intention. Not just holding your power, BEING your truest, most authentic power, and turning into a MAGNET for wonderful, uplifting experiences to flow to. Following through on desires, achieving the goals you have had for YEARS and actually LIVING the expanded state of satisfaction having achieved these, without more EFFORT.

We move with power working smarter, not harder. This transcends sustainable living and learning how to cruise life with flow whilst still achieving your desires. Erm, YUM!

Communication with the ones that you pour into, your loved ones is easier, smoother, heard felt and treasured. 

Broken down into weekly/fortnightly segments, (you choose which suits your lifestyle and integration needs) using  various different methods, we will work towards your very own personal desires cultivated and nourished with miracles to connect you back to yourself, repurposing your power to attain what you desire and call in miracles like 'It ain't no THANG'!

Short Term:


//6 or 9// - 60 - 90min sessions

Support, guidance & embodiment practices

 in-between sessions included.


£5k (6 sessions) - approx 2 months

£7,500 (9 sessions) -  approx 3 months

Long Term Investment:

Applicable by application.

Why invest long term?

Watch the leaders of our time. 

They are all committed to Long term mentorship in all areas of life.

It really gets to be as simple as that.

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