The Activation Method

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This one of a kind modality doesn't just heal limiting beliefs, negative emotions and imprints - it is a manifesting modality that helps you to become an energetic match for your desires, quantum leaping your reality.

It has transformed us and many of our clients, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It's broken hundreds of women free from deep unconscious blocks and patterns that were running their life, keeping them stuck in a cycle that no longer served them.

Prepare to facilitate healing and spiritual coaching on an even deeper level with this modality, which can be used on it's own or alongside other methods you currently use.


You see, your subconscious mind has created feeling's, and beliefs to keep you 'safe' on a primitive level. 

Your Ancestral Imprints have shaped your programming

Your Soul Imprints are carrying unresolved karmic energy

This has all  created your life and who you are in this very moment.

Our beliefs, emotions & imprints in our cellular memory drive our behaviours, decisions, and can be what is keeping us staying stuck and stopping us from manifesting our desires.


What are you currently carrying in your unconscious mind and vibration right now that's keeping you stuck? 


It’s time to heal, release and activate your higherself so you can raise your vibration and become who you are destined to be.

What is The Activation Method?

The Activation Method™ takes you on a personal journey of connecting with your physical body and unconscious mind. That then leads you to the root cause of potential problems in your life right now.


It's an extremely fast and powerful process for overcoming  ANY limiting belief, negative emotions,  and releasing past life and ancestral imprints. 


You can literally do this in a matter of minutes.


This groundbreaking modality was created by Natasha Edwards and Jo Ellen, master healers and experts in emotional release trained in multiple modalities. They combined the best of our wisdom and knowledge when creating The Activation Method™. It uses elements of Psychology, NLP, EFT, Meditation, Hypnosis, Inner Child Healing, Hoʻoponopono, Timeline Therapy, Regression and Energy Healing.

They believe in bringing science & spirituality together in this modality.

The session steps:

Acknowledge The Root Cause

We help you to acknowledge the root cause of the issue/block we're working on, we tap in and take you back to when it first occurred.

Clear The Emotions

We release the negative emotions by clearing them and sending them to the light with love.

Transmute The Energy

We transmute all the energy chords - we cut them, pull them & transmute them to the light, clearing all the energy attachments from the event AND whoever is inside of the event.

Invitation To Forgive

We bring in forgiveness - forgiving anyone who is associated or involved within this event.

validate The Inner Child

We incorporate inner child healing after forgiveness, integrating the part of themselves, bringing wholeness & healing into the session.

Accept The Positive Lessons

We then work with the unconscious mind - recoding all limiting beliefs and reframing the perception inside of the first event.

Transform and Evolve

We release all other energy & emotions across time & space

 from the unconscious mind and cleanse the auric field.

Integration of Higher-self

We take you to meet your higherself, receive any messages needed for the future, and we integrate her powerful vibration.

Observe The Transformation

You observe your higherself from within you and integrate all learnings from the sessions using mirror work.

Next Level Activation

This is our 21 day aftercare process that keeps you integrating with your higherself, connecting to the highest vibration, helping you to stay focused on your desires!

Cloud with Silver Lining

Your clients and your own benefits from

The Activation Method

Stopped ALL Self-Sabotage

Beat Procrastination

Changed Negative Relationship With Food

Lost Weight

Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

Created Multiple 5 Figure Months in Business

Manifested Soul Mate Clients

Manifested Love

Healed Mother & Father Wounds

Released Past Life & Ancestral Money Blocks

Recoded Spiritual Paradigms

Improved Productivity & Organisation

Increased Self-Belief

The Course Syllabus

The cerification is comprised of a 12 hour live workshop supported with an online learning portal. This is broken down into either 2 or 3 days, weekdays or weekends.

This is set up as a class, one to one training is available upon request at a higher investment.

Live Workshop & support.

  • A Full Accredited Certification in The Activation Method

  • Your Own Healings With Practitioner Swaps

  • An Indepth, Intensive 2 day Training

  • Access to Training Materials for Ongoing Learning

  • Unlimited Support with Our Practitioner Support Group

  • Training Resources

  • Additional Divinely Downloaded Spiritual Knowledge

  • Access to our Activation Method Network Where you Can Network, Swap & Exchange Ideas & Skills

  • Regular Group Updates

  • Live Demos & Training

  • A chance to become a Sub-Educator Where You Hold Your Own Classes - Creating an Additional Income Stream

March 5TH 6TH 2022

This powerful combination works wonders for clients and provides them with incredible transformations, heals all of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks as well as evolves you into your higher self, which quickly shifts your beliefs and emotions to a high vibration, making you one big magnet to attract the life success you desire.


Inside of this practitioner course you get a full training on each section, it’s purpose, benefits and effects and how to apply it with clients.


We then train you how to bring it altogether to use in client sessions.


We provide you with the scripts, the templates for each section as well as the aftercare templates too.


This is great to use as a coach/ healer on your clients, to add to your existing tools as a coach or to join for your own personal evolution and breakthrough.

Laura, I just wanted to say a massive Thankyou to you for teaching such a wonderful Quantum Holographic Echo Healing course.  

You are simply a natural at teaching and made it such an enjoyable three days. 

You made the course so enjoyable, safe and exciting all at the same time and I loved how you  were able to hold the energetic space for us and provide the little touches such as giving us a card pull. 

I also wanted to mention that the support you have given me not only during the course but afterwards as well was really helpful and has given me the confidence to believe in my ability to provide this modality to my clients.

Thank you so much again Laura 



Payment plans available

Invest in

The Activation Method & QHEH together 


Saving of £183 if purchased together

Payment plans available