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The world has changed.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for new, leading, cutting edge solutions.

Solutions for procedures

Solutions for efficiency

Solutions for profit

Solutions for structure

Solutions for a whole new direction.

Solutions on how to re birth.

Unfortunately, with these significant changes that are either impending or already transitioning, this can create huge pressure, strain, resistance and doubt within the minds of the innovators, directors and leaders within each company, hoping each new strategy will be a success.

The conscious mind takes over, problem solving from fear and scarcity. This can have a physical effect on the body of anyone stuck in the looping cycle of panic and fight or flight. In short. The business is operating on survival mode.

Or perhaps, the growth has surfaced within the company and the momentum is building, compounding into new territory. A new operating system for a business to emerge into. This huge momentum can bring with it the fear of sustainability. 

A new frequency

I facilitate bespoke, tailored packages for businesses to lean into solutions through meditation.


Guiding the innovators, forward thinkers and creators to allow their conscious mind to rest, while their subconscious explores new possibilities. New solutions. Perhaps ones that have been there all along, but masked with conscious survival strategies.

To hold the space of silence. The art of silent contemplation, and moving to a higher perspective. A place that can't be reached through conscious thought. Where we are trapped and stuck with limitation.

This space holds the new frequencies, considerations and possibilities. 

It brings a new meaning to 'brainstorming'. 

It carries a new wave of expansion. 

It holds intentional space for the creators to flourish.

A new & exclusive procedure to tap into the frequency of potentiality.

What does this look like for your business?

Transcendence Meditation Packages


Tailored for beginners to lean into meditation, the art or practice and how to quieten the mind. This leads into a final 'Transcendence' solutions based meditation. Individual or group sessions available. 

Priced upon enquiry.

Quarterly, Bi annually & Annual:

This 90min scheduled session is structured in the planing phases of business. 

Depending on the need and desire of the business.

The session is divided into relaxation, energetic release from the body and into a 'Transcendence' solutions led meditation.

Perfect to structure into the planning phases of the business and great for well being of the individual as well as the results from the meditation.

Prices available upon enquiry

Drop In's

90 min sessions scheduled for sporadic planning, meetings and corporate events.

Prices available upon enquiry.

After your session, be open to receive the guidance, ideas, inspration and solutions.
For some, they will recieve this during the session.
For others ideas will drop in up to two weeks. These inspired moments can compound and create a whole new wave throughout the whole business.

Just imagine.

Enquire & Book

Thanks for submitting!

I invite you to look higher...

and to expect transcendence. 

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