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Learn how to connect to the creator of all that is, from the 7th plane of existence. 

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Become a
Quantum Holographic Echo Healing Practitioner

or an
Activation Method Practitioner



Step into a life of purpose, fulfilment and trust.

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After having sessions in both of these healing modalities for myself, I knew that I had to learn them to be able to offer incredible transformational healing to others. I trained as a practitioner in these modalities to offer to my clients.  It was incredibly soon after seeing amazing & consistent results from clients that I knew I had to do more. To teach. To enable the healing to stretch further and reach more people who need a change in their life and step into their purpose. 
I am so excited to announce that from September 2021, I will be qualified to teach these incredible modalities to people and Certify them with the IPHM ready to make significant and positive change in the lives of others, and their own.

Certifying  you to change your life and the lives of others with two phenomenal healing modalities...

Do you know you have a calling to help others? But not really sure where to start and wonder if you have enough support &

feeling a little lost?

Have you felt like you are ready to make a change? To step into your life's purpose and help others holistically?

Are you a coach looking to help your team collapse time and move through resistance to achieve exceptional results?

Are you a healer or spiritual coach ready to expand your repertoire with a brand new, ground breaking healing modalities?

Have you heard about the phenomenal results from the Activation Method™ and QHEH® and want to join the movement?

If ANY of these points resonate with you, you have landed in the right place!


These modalities are accessible for all, beginners and experienced healers, or those just wanting to self heal. See below!

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Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® is a ground breaking way of achieving optimal health and peace of mind for all. 

QHEH® gets to the root cause of any issue and helps release stored emotional energy, it takes the client on a journey of self awareness, self discovery, releasing & rebalancing.

A specialised healing method which clears deeply held emotional issues and unhelpful beliefs from the cellular memory of the body.

Examples of these states are:

* Anxiety

* Fear

* Insecurity

* Sense of abandonment

* Rejection

* Feeling unloved

* Feeling unworthy

* Feeling as if you don’t belong

* Feeling not good enough

These emotions and perceptions are expressed in the cells of our body and can remain stored there, playing continuously in a loop, keeping us locked in a disempowered state and preventing us from living the life that we desire.


Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®, is the result of years of researching and working with energy. Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® can be used as a self-treatment therapy.

This unique therapy takes you on a guided journey to self healing by raising the consciousness of your thoughts, beliefs & emotions by first using our ground breaking systemic energy system to interpret negative energetic imprinting causing a disruption or disturbance in your field and energetic flow.

It takes you on a journey through the body’s energy grid out into the conscious energy field and releases toxic mental energy and core beliefs. Science and spiritualty merge to combine two powerful healing forces. The 4 stages of healing allow perfect balance to be restored within the physical mental and emotional energy grids.


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Are you ready to Activate?

The Activation Method™ is the perfect blend of mindset and energy healing, which works with all four of our energetic bodies mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, which means the benefits from this healing modality are incredibly powerful as we are clearing blocks across all of the energetic bodies all in one go!


It also works really effectively for re-programming your mind, so it can start to focus on what it wants, instead of continuously falling back into default and staying stuck in the same old story.


The Activation Method™ was created as something that wasn't only going to heal the issue within the first session, but something that would provide long lasting results for clients, that's exactly what the Activation Method™ provides.

The Activation Method™ is something that not only provides clients with a huge instant breakthrough and healing, but re-programmes their mind and helps them embody the version of themselves that was equipped for limitless success.


With the Activation Method™ you will get to the root cause, release it and heal it all in one session and within 21 days from following the unique aftercare process, the client will be completely free from their problem, as the aftercare is not only focused on re-programming your subconscious mind, so as it is focused on what it wants to create, but to also embody your higher self – the highest and most expansive version of you! 


This then elevates your beliefs, your emotions and your energetics to one's of a high vibration, which becomes your point of attraction, helping you to collapse time and call in your souls desires. 


It's the unique aftercare, combined with the powerful activation combination that makes this like nothing else out there!

A sample of the incredible results that these modalities continuously achieve.

Activation Method

"I have been meaning to reach out and give you an update and a massive thank you. Honestly the healing blew my mind. The reaction the day after was confirmation of how deep it went and have had a few 'exchanges' with the otherside being very offensive and I felt nothing!  Totally calm. I feel different and can feel the shift. I am so excited to move forward without all that emotional distress." 

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®

"After coming out of lockdown 2021 I felt like I had changed as a person and not for the better.

I had started to become withdrawn and anxious about getting back to life and I found myself dwelling on my past far too much.

I wanted something natural to try and help me work on myself a bit.

I contacted Laura and she suggested QHEH. 

I had 1, 1 hour session and It was amazing!

Laura has such a lovely natural nature and I felt instantly at ease when I arrived.

We managed to work through some past fears and I have never felt so relaxed.

I felt like I could feel this massive amount of pressure being realised through the session.

I came out feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time and on top of the world. 

She recommend the tapping healing for a few days after when I loved!

Thanks so much to Laura for getting the old me back, couldn’t recommend her enough."

Activation Method

"Wow wow wow I’m absolutely blown away after my session with Laura , she was absolutely spot on with where I am at right now and I was able to gain clarity to move forward .. Over the past 48 hours I have had THE BIGGEST energy shift and I’m so so grateful . She was amazing and I felt completely safe and supported throughout the session. I’ve manifested the craziest things in the last 2 days and I’m just buzzing!"

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®

"I chose the Quantum Holographic Echo Healing as I have dabbled in various spiritual methods in the past and felt this was a good allrounder. I was looking for Laura to help me progress forward personally and leave past fears behind me.

Laura instantly put me at ease, I felt comfortable in sharing difficult memories and asking for her help. Laura explained each part of the session and only moved on when I was ready. We covered spiritual messages, tarot card, meditation, pendulum and practical advice. I really appreciated Laura’s care and the time she allowed me to explore past experiences and discuss my feelings. Laura’s technique allowed me to have a greater understanding of my own reactions and emotions and this became key in my own progression. Laura opened my eyes to issues that affected my emotions that I did not realise were bothering me until we faced them together."

So what does each
course contain?


Interview with Ann-Marie Mayers - Co-Creator of Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®

This is a little taster of the modality, myself and how it has impacted my life.

Training Dates

These are broken down into 2/3 days, weekdays & weekends available.


Activation Method™️ 

3rd, 4th & 5th - 10am - 2pm


Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® 

7th, 8th & 9th - 10am - 2pm


Activation Method™️

5th & 6th March (Weekend Course)


Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® 

9th & 10th (Weekend Course)


To step into this journey of amazing fulfilment,

Activation Method™️

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®️

This can be paid in full

or as part of a payment plan

Want to certify in both modalities?

Learn these TWO groundbreaking modalities for

Together these certifications would be £1683

This special offer gives you a huge saving of £183! 

Payment plans also available



  One to one training available

Please use the contact from here. 

something truly unique...

Join me on a 12 week journey of soul discovery and enlightenment as I coach, guide and support you to awaken leaving you feeling alive and aligned...

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Awaken your spirit, align your life.

Do you feel you are meant for more but are not sure how or why?

Do people gravitate to you to seek help and advise?

Do you feel as though you are waiting for your purpose to be whispered to you?

Do you want to know more about spirituality but feel that there is just too much to go through?

Do you already know that you have started awakening but have no-one to help support you and guide you through it, to answer the many questions you have?

This was me.

I had hit a point in my life where I knew that I was here to do more and had to look deeper within to find my purpose. 

My kids were growing, and I wasn't.

With very little help I threw myself into courses, programmes and events, blindly seeking, searching for the answer. 

The courses were amazing, but I had no-one to help me DEVELOP. No-one to show me, work with me.

When each course finished, I was still searching. 

I wished that I had a course that gave me a sample of many different healing/spiritual modalities that I could try and see which one I really enjoyed so I could pursue one or two further, to help me move on with something. 

But still, I searched. Through this searching realised I was being lead.

I leant into trust, which I had to learn alone.

I followed the breadcrumbs.

I invested thousands and thousands to learn. 

I healed,

I embodied,  

I grew,

I awakened,

I aligned.


Then I knew I had to be able to offer this. 

I had to create a way for people like me, to experience what I experienced without the constant searching, doubting, self sabotage

and worry.

To enable people to heal, embody, grow, awaken and align with fun, love and support of someone that understands.


I have fine tuned this amazing package to bring you the very thing that I needed.


I invite you to take look at this 12 week programme that will personally guide you through the foundations of spirituality, sampling and experiencing many different techniques to help you awaken, align and understand yourself more, unlocking your purpose.

At the end of this course you will certify in the Quatham Holographic Echo Healing® and the Activation Method™ as a practitioner so you can touch the lives of everyone around you.


Imagine your life 12 weeks from now...


Being certified by the IPHM in two groundbreaking healing and manifesting modalities enabling you to confidently start a career helping others

like you always knew you would.

Having personally sampled over 6 healing modalities and receiving the healing from them leaving your feeling balanced and at  peace from old stories holding you back!

Having a personal spiritual mentor to guide

you through your awakening.

This gives you someone to not only share this experience with, but someone who will be there to hold your hand when it gets tough, and show you just what you are capable of!

Unblocking, clearing and healing from limiting beliefs you are carrying in your energy, some you probably don't even know are there, elevating you into the next version you are being called to be.

Understanding who you are and your purpose.

This will provide you the certainty you have always desired.


Knowing that you are continuously supported by me, and the higher realms.

Stepping into a career that is lead from passion, purpose and love like you have never felt before by taking people on their own journey of healing and evolving with you helping them.

There is no better feeling than knowing and WITNESSING your client change their life from something you have shown them.

Confidently helping the people that come to you knowing that you have helped them heal not only their problem, but their 4 energy bodies to bring about lasting change for them and the loved ones around them.

Not only all that, but KNOWING you are here and on the right path. No more why's and what if's.

Experiencing magical and moving experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life as each session will be completely tailored to you and your own interests and abilities.

In between each session are support tools to keep your momentum high such as:


So you can listen on demand or on the go!

Let's keep your vibe high!


Inline with what you are learning to practice at home and further your development. You will be amazed at how powerful these are, activating you at a cellular level to develop your gifts.


For you to work through and bring your learnings to life, documenting and personalising your completely unique journey.

Plus, other fun and inspired ways to help you learn, cultivate and manifest!

You won't be able to wait for the next session!

Then, when you look back at who you were and who you are after this package and seeing the compound effect of all healing, evolving and alignment of your work and how it has impacted not only your life, but the lives of those around you. 


You will RISE


12 weeks

9 Sessions

2 x practitioner certifications

Guided with love and support to begin walking your

own true path.

Then, with open arms, receiving what is next for you.

All this for 


(This can also be broken down into a payment plan

over 2, 6, and 12 months

Please contact me to arrange this)

Or, fill out this contact form below and we can talk further on a free 15 min clarity call.

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