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Intimate Transcendence You tube .png
Intimate Transcendence You tube .png

Intimate Transcendence 

//10 days or 1 month daily profound healing & mentorship//

High impact, intimate mentorship transcending your growth phases with ease and speeeed!

For the woman on the go, committed to growth, fast paced healing, ascension and evolution!


10 day sor 1 month, of close proximity, healing, coaching, mentoring and alchemising 

with you IN THE MOMENT, inducing the frequency of velocity for your level up!

This is the most fast paced and profound 1-1 container. If you are looking to bend/collapse and leverage the law of time, mastering your energy, this is for you.

Monday to Friday

9am-5pm (gmt)

Intimate coaching guiding you through the transitions in your life with potent bitesize healings and downloads to help aid the transitions in the highest and best way for you!


'Oh My Gosh, I wish you could be with me all the time' 


Something that I hear regularly due to the speed in which we work when needed.

Now I can!

Bringing all the power, knowledge, support, tools and transcendence DAILY and supporting you through the stretch zones, the fertile voids and time collapses!

How does it work?

Once booked in, we work in whatsapp or Voxer (voice notes).

I will check in with you daily to see how you are and discuss the new developments that have taken place and then proceed to guide, support, heal etc however needed in that moment.

Moving with you, intimately and  profoundly.



£1k - 10 days

£3k - 1 month

It doesn't have to be lonely or solitary, lean in like the leader you are and invest in the support you need for Ultimate expanded ease, allowing you to focus on all other areas!

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