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Your Life,
It's Waiting
For You.


I am so happy you made it here!

I am so incredibly passionate about helping others.


I proudly hold and facilitate profound transformational space, healing and energetic alignment for miracles. My work is exceptionally deep, working at a cellular level, with the highest light.


I teach, educate and mentor other light workers, truth seekers and thought leaders to create this too.

I have experienced myself that profound change can happen in an instant, a single moment, when you are aligned with the highest truth.

Unfortunately, we are so deeply conditioned that everything should take work, pain, suffering to work though. This is simply a story that has been lying dormant in your human body and

is not the highest truth.

What would it feel like to live a life aligned to:













How or what would you life look like if your default setting was this?

To know deeply that you are one and the same as every other living thing and

worthy of all your desires? 

I am trained and certified in a range of techniques and modalities including Theta Healing® (Instructor Certification), The Activation Method® (Previous Instructor), Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®, (Previous Instructor) EFT tapping, Angel Healing, Oracle & Tarot card readings meditation and mediumship.

I am deeply passionate about holding love and lightness in my work. I hold the duality of pain and freedom and the elevated balance point of this duality is joy. 

Sessions, programmes, packages, classes, courses are all held in the frequency of joy. 

Take my hand, let's dance through this journey together.

Your life, it's waiting for you.

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Each Journey,

Profoundly unique,


Guiding you home

To a life you have been waiting for.

Success Stories

 The wonderful clients who I have helped.

Thank you, it has been an honour to have been a part of your journey.

"I worked with Laura over 4 sessions because I was feeling exhausted and lacking inspiration in my business. 
After our first session I started to feel more energy immediately. We found that the blocks I was experiencing were both genetic and historical which explained connections with a few behavioural patterns I have today. Laura used theta energy healing to clear these.
During our second session, my Grandmother's spirit came to Laura (and gave her name), with some other specific information. It was so lovely to receive a message from her. 
During our third and fourth sessions, Laura worked on clearing blocked emotions that I had trapped around my stomach area. Which resulted in me feeling lighter and clearer. 
I am now refocused, inspired and have much more energy along with some helpful advisories to continue the energy shifts. 
Laura is a skilled healer, her sessions are engaging & informal which made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in energy work and wanting to create a shift."



"As someone who was always interested yet scientifically minded when it came to the world of psychic energy/healing I cannot recommend the 'Alive' package highly enough. Laura has a unique talent to explain and then teach how we can connect with the forces of nature, and how you can harness this energy to achieve what you want to in life. From the first session to the last I felt relaxed, welcome and able to open up as Laura’s intuitive nature was able to work with the forces that be to remove energy from past experiences and pick up things about you, you probably wasn’t aware of yourself and as someone who has hard time understanding themselves let alone others, I have finished this course with a deeper connection with those around me, a sense of who I am and where I want to go which is something I highly doubt I would of been able to get anywhere else!
Thank you so much Laura, I am incredibly grateful to have met you!"



"I had an EFT tapping session on Wednesday. From the moment I booked it I felt fully valued as a client and everything was so well explained. Laura is so friendly, easy to get on with and I felt at ease the entire session. Afterwards the change has been phenomenal, it’s allowed me to do things and go places my anxiety stopped me from even thinking of let alone going to. Laura also has been there afterwards for support and encouragement. Doing the session has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Literally, I can’t thank you enough, but even more importantly, so do my kids - Who are getting their mummy back."



Meditating in Mountains

I offer a free 15 minute clarity call to all who feel they need some more information or aren't  sure which services they need. This is also a great time to have a brief chat to see if we will work together well. If I don't think that I can help, I am always honest and more than happy to refer another business.

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